Audionic Champion 7 840W 2.1 Channel Speakers With SubWoofer

Music, Audio, Video Equipment
Deal Details
High Output: This system has output power upto 840 Watts (P.M.P.O.). Mini Sub-woofer: The Mini sub-woofer is capable to provide high class bass output. 2.1 Channel Sound: Included 2 Satellite Speakers to Handle higher frequency and 1 Sub-woofer for lower frequency. This combination makes extraordinary sound quality. BassDuct Technology: The BassDuct is engineered to enhance the lower frequency range and provide high Bass Output. Magnetically Shielded: Magnetically Shielded Sub-woofer Driver. Sub-woofer Drive Unit: Big Speaker, Big Base. This Speaker system has 4 Inch Sub-woofer. Wooden Made: Wooden Made Sub-woofer body to enhance quality of Bass.


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