VibrantSharer is an e-commerce marketplace where you can get deals on any products and services with or without money and also make free money to your wallet. The difference between VibrantSharer and other e-commerce sites is that, in addition to the regular pay and get what you want, we offer an option to get what you want for free and also make free money to your wallet by referring new users through our Direct Referral Program and Marketing system. Learn more about us.
Click on the category on the home page to view products we have within those categories. You can also use the search bar at the top of the homepage to find preferred products or browse all deals.
The "Get it FREE" option allows you to strike a deal to get any product or services of your choice for free simply by referring the number of persons as indicated in the product description and requirements. It is called "FREE" because you are not paying any amount for it, all you've got to do is to refer people within the specified validity days.
The bonus is the total amount of the 50% commission you will earn for referring the required numbers of people at the completion of the deal requirements.
You can only receive commission when you have an Active Striked Deal and commission are credited to your VibrantSharer Wallet immediately after the persons you referred pay their setup fee.
Your can request payout of your earned commission anytime from your wallet to your bank account and smile to the bank.
No, we are not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. VibrantSharer uses a direct referral marketing system to empower our customers and make quality products and services available for free and at the cheapest price ever. Learn more about us.
You will lose access to getting that particular deal for free with our referral program when you fail to complete the striked deal requirements before the expiry date.
But you can still have the product by using the "Buy Now" option and pay with your earned commission available in your VibrantSharer Wallet or pay with your money via our other available payment methods.
Yes, If you are interested in any products and you dont want to use the referral program to get the products, you can simple click the "Buy Now" button appended to the base of the product and pay with your money via any of our available payment methods.
To participate in our direct referral program, you are required to pay a one-time setup fee of ₦3,000.00. With these you can participate in all the features on our site.
No, you don't pay any more money after you have paid your one-time setup fees.
Yes, you are allowed to strike any deal after the expiry of your active deal.
No, you must finish one deal before striking another deal.
No, the setup fee is non-refundable. For other products refund, read our return policy.
Yes, we will never share information we hold about you to other users or third parties. This service is managed by duly registered company with credible individuals who respect your privacy and value your trust. Our site is secured and protected with the latest Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
It takes usually between 2-12 working days to get your products.
VoguePay is an online secure payment processor with no direct relationship with VibrantSharer. VibrantSharer is a verified VoguePay Merchant and uses VoguePay payment platform to receive and make payments.
To ensure security and credibility of services, We have provided VoguePay with adequate documentation to fulfill their statutory and business verification checks. This is because they maintain a strong policy regarding merchants processing payments through their platform.

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